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Episode 006 – PEDRO FLORES – May 22, 2017

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MNTRA is proud to offer the sixth installment of the weekly podcast with long time resident DJ Pedro Flores.

Joining the ranks of MNTRA shortly after its start, Pedro has been throwing parties and throwing down on the decks since the very beginnings. After being introduced to house music at a young age, Pedro knew then that DJing was a way of life that he was determined to help his audiences understand. Joining the army at the age of 18, he traveled constantly listening and purchasing music from all over the world. He finally made his debut in 2013 at the Warehouse Loft in Washing D.C. Followed by a second appearance at the Paradox in Baltimore, MD. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Las Vegas where he picked up his first residency at the infamous Downtown Cocktail Room and helped further establish a scene in Las Vegas by supporting anyone and everyone to the furthest of his ability.

Pedro’s style is unique to his journey, mixed with the old and the new to create a special sound for his audience members to truly experience a journey to. Pedro Flores soon teamed up with “BadBeat,” “Lance Le Rok,” and “Eder More” to create Techno Taco Tuesday. Keep an eye out for Pedro Flores as he travels far and near, spreading positive messages through music and gears to start releasing music.

Listen to his story as he tells it to the people on the dance floor.