Official Movement Pre-Party with Ron Costa Recap

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Techno Taco Tuesday for the last three years been strongly associated with throwing some of the most memorable underground parties Las Vegas has to offer, and this last week the MNTRA crew truly outdid themselves with their Pre-Movement celebration featuring Ron Costa.

It was a night unlike any other – the energy was palpable as the crew created a truly unique environment at Tacos & Beer with a unique sound setup and two-part dance floor. The décor was very Detroit inspired with raw and rugged fencing installations, street signage signifying that this was, in fact, the “road to Detroit” and incredible visuals provided by local talent. All attendees were truly immersed into the atmosphere and were given and a chance to experience Detroit in their own backyard of Las Vegas as well as get down on some seriously amazing tacos and tortilla soup that will be sure to blow your mind and taste buds out of this world.

One of the most unique aspects to not just this night but every MNTRA event is their patrons: the crew has managed to gain a following that is both intelligent creatively as well as open, loving and respectful. I have never experienced anything like it in all of my party attendance where any and all walks of life are welcomed with open arms, dance circles are formed and celebrated and love and respect are not just offered but tangible to every single person in that place.

The music was perfectly curated as Soul Foundation heads Brian and Brenda hit the decks to set the tone to the night with some great house and classic acid tracks. Next, MNTRA resident and seasoned turntablist DJ AFS laid it down with a cohesive set that really had that classic Detroit feel but with a modern twist to it, it was truly a great sound to place before MNTRA resident and Co-Founder Lance le Rok took the stage, bringing the energy up to that dark techno feel, grabbing the crowd’s attention with -high energy and engaging sound. It was a perfect setup for Ron Costa who drove home the best of both worlds with soulful house sounds mixed with some heavy hitters that brought the crowd full circle for the night. The energy was so high, that once the end of the party rolled around – the crew was just getting started.

Right across the parking lot, Founder and MNTRA resident and new bar owner of Juicy Beets Tino BadBeat got the after party off right just in time for Ron to join him from across the way for a total back to back session that went so hard, we didn’t stop the party until 10 am! Talk about amazing dancing, incredibly good vibes, and delicious drinks all night and morning long. The after hours was truly a memorable moment to be a part of, with the music set to the right volume for people to talk and share stories – it really felt like a small family reunion.

The Pre-Movement party was truly a success and one for the books, and if you haven’t gotten out to a Techno Taco Tuesday event you absolutely need to make time to do so. Become a part of the MNTRA family and experience a masterfully curated techno event – we are waiting for you on the dance floor!